Our of the most versatile items in our catalog is the 54″ convention taffeta film. This vinyl has the look and feel of a fabric without the additional weight or cost and is 100% recyclable.

Transporting and handling bulky material to and from an event can be both costly and inconvenient, but this is not an issue with Proflex vinyl. To make your job easier, our convention taffeta rolls are provided on a 3” core and weigh only fifty pounds. Nonetheless, these lightweight rolls perform heavyweight tasks!


Proflex convention taffeta is extruded to a finished thickness of 5.5mil and is more opaque than the competition’s film. All films are formulated to meet industry requirements for flame resistance.

Convention taffeta is currently available in 26 vibrant colors. At Proflex, we choose what we develop, which means we have the ability to perform a color match and adjust our color selections as the industry dictates. We always welcome your suggestions for new colors. After all, no one knows what your customers want better than you do!