Proflex Vinyls is a Texas manufacturer dedicated to southern hospitality! Positioned deep in the heart of Texas, Proflex was established in 1992 as a subsidiary of our parent manufacturing company, Presco Polymers with a focus on the convention and decorating industries. In 2007, we became official members of the Presco family, adding to the number of industries served by Presco. This premier manufacturer, which was born in 1942, has built a reputation for unmatched customer service and continuously exceeding customer expectations. The mission of Proflex has always been to uphold the superior standards that all Presco customers have come to rely on!


Currently, Presco is comprised of three divisions located in two Sherman, Texas locations, each with a unique and specialized focus. You can learn more about the Marking Products Division, which includes marking flags, barricade tape, roll flagging, and more at Presco.com.

The Engineered Films division of Presco focuses on the development of custom PVC and EVA films which are used in the manufacturing processes of industries such as medical, mining, military and more. Visit Presco.com to learn more about what is on the horizon in this division.

The concentration of Proflex is on providing the highest quality vinyl to the fast-paced world of special event planning. We understand the importance of American jobs and the value of American made products. We are continually striving to provide the absolute best overall customer experience from lead time to price and everything in between. Our customers appreciate the fact that we have the flexibility to custom formulate our vinyl to evolve with the ever changing raw material market. Plus, we have the buying power to provide our customers with the most competitive pricing in the United States. Both of these factors have allowed us to reduce costs and increase productivity.