Proflex Vinyl is a company that cares about their customers and gives great service with their products, said Liz Reese, sales coordinator for parent company Presco. How does that attitude translate itself into the product and beyond? Reese joins The Marking Minute podcast to talk about the company and their deliverables, and the often unseen but necessary applications for vinyl across industries.

Proflex Vinyl, a Texas-based company, creates a quality vinyl which can resist extreme heat and cold temperatures, and Reese explains how the company takes pride in the easy customer-facing customization, like choosing a color of vinyl among 26 varieties. Reese gives her pitch on Proflex Vinyl, and why the company’s products can be expected to deliver quality vinyls on time with great service to any event, meeting a variety of uses, like for flags, booths and drapes.

At the state fair, look for Proflex vinyls at different booths around the fair marking the wackiest fried food imaginable. When watching the Grammy’s, Proflex can be seen on the red carpet and at the after party, adding flair to a prestigious, one-of-a-kind industry moment. Liz Reese explains what got Proflex to this kind of level as a B2B company, and what decisions have created a network of repeat customers who are happy to order new vinyl with updated designs, rather than use expensive fabrics that can never be used again.